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Thats what I want to do here. I want to give you more opportunities to celebrate you or the ones you love.  I’ll help you organize, plan and execute your vision while focusing on the details that can steal away the joys of hosting. Let me elevate your celebration & share what I've learned over the years about entertaining. 

Let's find a way for you to  actually enjoy your celebration 

I'm Erica... Mrs. Baker if you will. I'm the face behind the Baker Connection & your new favorite party person. 

I truly have a passion for celebrating you & the people you love. No matter what you are celebrating or what your love looks like, I am here to assist in bringing your vision & personality into the your event. I'm also here to listen to your concerns, recommend my favorite vendor friends & work through all the hiccups along the way. 



As a baker, narrowing down my favorite sweet treat is tough. The chocolate & almond croissant from La Gourmandine is always phenomenal, but if I'm baking at home,  Alton Brown's fudge brownies with peanut butter icing are a go-to. 


Chicken korma, garlic naan & chana masala are basically my comfort foods. My husband already knows to pick up Taj Mahal on his way home if its been a rough week. 


You can find me ordering a classic White Pie from Iron Born Pizza or the Honey Pie from The Oven. If we're talking NYC pizza, I'll take a plain slice everytime. 



My favorite coffee shop in the area is Cafe Conmigo in Wexford. Their espresso & matcha are delicious and I love the local products and plants always available. If I'm making coffee  at home, I'm brewing Happy Mug from Edinboro! 

Coffee shops

I am in love with historic resorts. My favorite is the Greenbrier resort in Lewisburg, WV. I am always fascinated with the decor, history and outdoor activities at places like the Greenbrier, Bedford Springs & the Homestead in VA.

Resort hopper

Although we are nearing the 10 year mark of living in Pittsburgh, West Virginia still feels like home. You'll find me in my element hiking, camping and cooking... usually  surrounded by family. 



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